Welcome to 'Virtual' HBW 2020

Unfortunately we are not able to run the usual HBW event this summer because of uncertainties around the Coronavirus. But because we had such fun developing the theme for this year, we have created ‘Virtual HBW’

The theme for this year is '20/20 Vision', and for each day we will have a Bible Story, a Fun Sheet and an Activity Pack.

The Bible Story will be provided as a PowerPoint slideshow, with links to videos and songs about the theme. The Fun Sheets and the Activity Packs will be provided as pdf files.

Here is an example of a PowerPoint slideshow. It's a more fun way of looking at this information!!

2020 Introduction.ppsx

Viewers for these are widely available. Search for ‘PowerPoint Viewer’ or ‘PDF viewer if you cannot already view the files.

Click on the MORE NEWS link on our homepage to see the material for every day.

All material will be available before May Half Term. You can use the material over half term, or any time until the summer.

Please feel free to share this material with anyone who is interested, even if they have not registered for HBW.

We hope you enjoy Virtual HBW!

If you have any questions or comments, you can let us know on Facebook or by Email.