Child Allocation Policy

Current Policy

We aim to give a place to every child who applies, but unfortunately we do not always have sufficient helpers to enable us to do this. Normally over 90% of children who apply get a place. Children of helpers get places automatically, as without these helpers we would not be able to take so many children. Apart from this, selection is on a random basis. We do not prioritise on the basis of church or school attended, or on declared special needs, or on date of application. We assign the same priority to siblings living at the same address, so that either all siblings or none will be offered places. This is to avoid the problems of splitting up families during the week. We aim to take as many children as possible, so if one sibling has a definite place, then their siblings will also be offered places. Should further places become available, either because of children dropping out or because of extra helpers becoming available, places will be offered using the same priority and sibling rules.

Future developments

We are considering changing this policy, such that families who fail to get a place one year are given priority the following year, and families who are given a place but fail to take it up are given a low priority the following year.